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Are You Through Playing Games?

Young students and junior grades can be forgiven if they get bored and want a little excitement to boost their enthusiasm during training.  Hence, the little ‘bells and whistles’ instructors have to use to keep the momentum going.  However, there comes a time when these toys should be put aside and students no longer have […]

No Brainers

Just recently one of my Black Belt students saw a couple of ‘meatheads’ in the carpark who were so pumped up they were carrying on as if they had just won a fight in the UFC.  My student asked them if they were expecting some sort of trouble.  They said, “Nah mate, we just finished MMA.  We’re all […]

Be Your Own Master

Be your own Master and don’t tell the whole world about it.  Talking about the martial arts than actually doing is not going to earn anyone the Master title if that is what they are aspiring to.  There are instructors who call themselves Master and actually believe they have earned the right to use that […]

It’s only Fail if you Quit

There may come a time when some people want to give up their passion because they lose focus and forget why they took it up in the first place.  Long standing martial artists will always remember the original reason for taking up the martial arts.  People of my vintage will often say it was because […]

Clear Head

It has taken so many years in the martial arts to understand that taking it nice and easy achieves better results in sparring, wrestling and self defence.  By that I mean keeping a cool head under pressure which ensures the mind and body are working at their optimum.  Not many of us have mastered this […]

‘I Do’

We’ve all seen vows take place at weddings especially the 'I do' bit and then it’s all over and done with but nobody thinks, at the time, how much time and effort has gone leading into this moment. Tournament is usually a one day event and competing may only be a matter of minutes.  The […]

The Greatest Feeling Ever

In the martial arts, people who are not concerned with belts are usually in it for the long haul.  Those who aspire for belts rather than knowledge, it would seem they have a very short martial arts life span unless attitudes change.  The importance of a belt is what it stands for and what you […]

Nurturing a Baby

There are times when Instructors might feel teaching beginners, in the martial arts, is a mundane job by having to go over the basics.  Good instructors see things differently.  It's about challenge to get the point across to these very important people.  Beginners are new and have special needs, and need to be nurtured just […]

It’s Not a Lie if You Believe it

We live in a society where we can get almost anything.  However, people in less fortunate circumstances don't expect much and have to work hard to get what they want.  That is why, in the martial arts world, we are experiencing a belt frenzy because people forget that belts (ranks) are about participation and accomplishment […]

Keep Looking

As an Instructor I need to remind students that no matter how many times they have seen something demostrated, they should be looking at it with much more intensity.  I personally have never failed to pick up anything new by watching the same technique over and over again.  It might be only minute detail but […]