The Greatest Feeling Ever

In the martial arts, people who are not concerned with belts are usually in it for the long haul.  Those who aspire for belts rather than knowledge, it would seem they have a very short martial arts life span unless attitudes change.  The importance of a belt is what it stands for and what you do for it.  Any other way he or she is either being misled or is misleading themselves.

Those who have received a belt and were not ecstatic about it is because, deep down, they did not deserve it especially those expecting or even asking for it (there are people out there that do that).  The value of the belt is the uncertainty of when and if given.  Not meeting the requirements in a grading can be a positive thing because it encourages the student to never give up (one of life's greatest philosophies).  To change the grading system so everybody can get over the finish line is to weaken the art and deceive the student.  

Spare a thought for the humble BJJ student who does not know when and if they ever get their belt; just a little stripe if they're lucky enough but they don't complain.  I think we can learn something from this.  

People should remember they are in the martial arts for the training, not for belts.  Instead, belts are a consequence of training.  Those outside this thinking are only kidding themselves. Earning a Black Belt is one of greatest feelings ever.  It is well worth waiting for.