Herbert Tomaschett

Black Belt 3rd Dan

Herbert is a father of two sons who commenced training with BKJ in 2002 under Hanshi George Adams.  His main area of interest is Karate-Jitsu and Kickboxing and has also earned a Blue Belt ranking in Jiu Jitsu.

“The level of service at Budoshinkai Karate Jitsu is fantastic. Having been a student and friend for many years, I am impressed by the professionalism of the school and Instructors. Thank you!”
– Herbert Tomaschett

Marcia Adams

Black Belt

Marcia commenced her training at the age of 8. After her very first lesson at the age of 8 she told her father, ‘I love it. This is what I want to do.’ Marcia is proving to become quite valuable by assisting in the instruction of the martial arts.

“I have never become bored in our school. There is so much to learn and I have made many friends. I really like the sparring.”
– Marcia Adams

Daniel Matos

Black Belt 1st Dan

Daniel is a young man who has worked up his way through the ranks with his father who is a senior instructor. He has undertaken the hardest Black Belt grading ever in Budoshinkai.

“My martial arts has given me the confidence I needed growing up.
– Daniel Matos

Dean Stockley

Black Belt 2nd Dan

Dean is involved in IT and has commenced training in the martial arts in 2003.

“I love my martial arts training. I believe in practicing in all apsects of the martial arts. I am particularly interested in Arnis and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am in it for the long haul.”
– Dean Stockley

Black Belt Roll

Black Belt 5th Dan

Dr Laurie Gray
Stephen McGugan
Dr Chris Tsolakis
John Ellis
Timothy Ellis

Black Belt 4th Dan

Mark Szalajko
Victor Matos
Andrew Hess
Neil Irvine
Vincent Perry
Douglas Quadrio
Chris Venetsanos

Black Belt 3rd Dan

Herbert Tomashett
Franc Boey
Richard Payne
Darren Grieve
Jonathan Adams
Phill Smith

Black Belt 2nd Dan

Jim Hughes
Chris Wilson
Peter Tziliaskopoulos
Dean Stockley
Dean Taylor
Joddy Olson
Goran Nikolovski
Richard Gale
David Dick Snr
Thomas Spang
Gary Ashmole
Sami Shami

Black Belt 1st Dan

Amien Soeker
Christina Phillips
Alex Piotrowski
Ricky Swamy
Allan Shai-Hee
Marlon Daniel
Siddarth Warrier
Lyle Welevita
Jake Mountford
Stuart Adam
Daniel Matos
Lee Bird
Peter Asimakopoulos
Nadir Degirminici
Sanjeet Sharma
Etan Foo
Christina Ellis
Peter Poulos
Shane Atie
Natasha Papoulias
Jason Liu
Janice Taylor
Sam Khoudair
David Parsons
Stephen Stubberfield
Mark Daniel Quadrio
Frances Venetsanos
Adalton Guimaraes
Stephen Wise
David Sultana
John Alvear
George Karydis

Black Belt Shodan-Ho (provisional)

Ameer Karas
Jamie Rahme
Raden Wijoyo
Alex Mikaelian
Mariana Mirzoyan
Frank Lin
Marcia Adams
Roy Lin
Steven Xi
Bessie Xi
Shi-Hao Hong
Ricky Swamy
Greg Stasinos
Jonathan Gray
Natasha Anderson
Feras Suwan
Frances Venetsanos
Jeb-Mark Jamilla
George Megisidis
Bill Paradisis
Jim Poulos
Albert Yung
Darryl Hunter
Ali Zaydan
Gary Johnson
Matthew Anderson (Jnr Black)
Peter Venetsanos