Muay Thai Kickboxing (Roselands)


(Level 1, 925 Canterbury Rd, Lakemba)
Monday & Wednesday
7.15pm – 8.30pm

Saturday (mixed ages)
9am – 10am

Certified Level 1 Instructors (Uquidokan)
George Adams (Kru)
Timothy Ellis
Amien Soeker

Our Muay Thai programme is based on traditional values and training and students are ranked progressively with different belt colours and issued with certificates every 3 months.

Sensei Benny Urquidez & Soke Richard Norton

Our system is based on Muay Thai and the unique Kickboxing system (Ukidokan) designed by the World’s best ever Kickboxing Champion and Karate Master, Sensei Benny Urquidez.  To this day nobody has even come close to his impeccable record of 200 fights (0 losses).  Alongside him is Richard Norton who is one of the ‘World’s best all round martial artists in the world’ (Chuck Norris).

Our gym is full equipped including punching bags, focus pads, kick shields, Thai pads, speed ball and the FOCUS MASTER G1000 (see video below).


 Black  Senior Brown
 Brown  Red  Purple
Richard Norton Level 6
George Adams Level 1
John Ellis Level 1
Timothy Ellis Level 1
Amien Soeker Level 1
Ameer Karas (Provisional)
Lisa-Marie Rajab
Abdul Soeker
Kauthar Soeker
Farah Al Dabbas
Adam Karas
Herbert Tomaschett
Jason Al Haddad Mennie Tuaati
 Blue  Green  Orange  Yellow  
Malakai Harris
Amina Karas
Andrew Demos
Scott Harris
Chris Wilson
Zaid Mohammed
Amal Hijazi
Abdullah Rajab
Nahyan Islam
Amanda Adnan
Aliyah Zainuddin
Gia Giannopoulos
Tyra Subasinghe
Amanda Adnan
Adam Karas
Jim Hughes
Adam Gouda
Elsayed Gouda
Yousaf Qureshi
Raheel Syed
Dante Torpia
Haitham Shaddad
Rahil Houssarini
Ibrahim Nasr
Ismail Assem
Adrian Sapienza
Saif Al-Buseri