It’s Not a Lie if You Believe it

We live in a society where we can get almost anything.  However, people in less fortunate circumstances don't expect much and have to work hard to get what they want.  That is why, in the martial arts world, we are experiencing a belt frenzy because people forget that belts (ranks) are about participation and accomplishment as a reward for their time and effort.  It's fast becoming that people, in the martial arts, expect belts without having to do much.  You can forgive students for thinking that way but not Instructors or Black Belts.  

The BJJ philosophy is don’t ask for a promotion because the only belt you will get is a belting.  One young BJJ white belt last year kept asking me when was he going to be graded.  I said, “You have 23 hours  training.  Your mate has done 43 hours and he’s not even ready for promotion.  Now you tell me when do you think you should be graded."

There are some Instructors, of various disciplines, who like to get in on the act (BJJ) but not having to do the work.  They have contacts and can weasel their way around the system to get their belts in return for favours. It is better these fools stay home and help mum or the wife with the ironing.  They may impress their students but not everybody else.  They should do a risk assessment before making claims because, if found out, that may also reflect on everything else they have done in the past.  Now I know where they get their thinking from – to quote George Costanza (SEINFELD), "It's not a lie if you believe it."

Amazingly, those who don’t ask for gradings are the ones who work really hard and the ones who do ask, do very little.  Clearly, there are some issues here.