It’s only Fail if you Quit

There may come a time when some people want to give up their passion because they lose focus and forget why they took it up in the first place.  Long standing martial artists will always remember the original reason for taking up the martial arts.  People of my vintage will often say it was because of the Bruce Lee movies in the ‘70s.  My reasons were based on school yard bullying; I was tired of coming out second best because most of the bullies were usually stronger and faster than me.  After a few months training I went and saw the Bruce Lee movies; this was the deciding factor the martial arts would be my lifelong ambition.

Students need to remember the reason for starting up the martial arts in the first place and should always cherish that decision.  Martial arts promote a positive and healthy lifestyle as well good friendship.  The martial arts had a positive influence in my teen years upbringing, I said NO to drugs, NO to smoking, NO to bad company and I said NO to quitting.  Many people since, have followed my lead.  However, quitting may be lead to negative lifestyle changes because the quitter starts to look for something else.  This is when kids are most vulnerable and may end up doing something unfavourable. 

There a few things that needs to be sorted out after promotion to Probationary Black Belt (Shodan-Ho).  There is a 12 month period in which you have to show cause you are worthy to retain that belt.  During that time you need to act like one, perform like one and speak like one.  This is the bridging period from coloured belt to black belt. 

Nearly a Black Belt is not a Black Belt as some people might think.  The people around you may regard it as ‘fail’ and it doesn’t matter what excuses you give them because they will have their own opinions about why you may have quit.

Those who receive their 1st Degree ranking after their probation should keep in mind ‘the best part of getting a Black Belt is being a Black Belt’. It's only 'fail' if you quit'.