Our Instructors

Our Instructors have devoted many years to Karate and other martial arts and have attained a  level of expertise.  Through extensive testing, certification and tournament level competition, our Instructors have attained mastery in this martial art and now enjoy sharing their skills to students.


Richard Norton, Soke

(Ambassador for BKJ Martial Arts)

Soke Richard Norton has trained in many aspects of the martial arts well over 55 years of training, including Judo, Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Thai Boxing and several Japanese weapons systems.  He currently holds the rank of 9th Degree Black Belt in Zen Do Kai.  He also has a 6th Degree Black Belt in Ukidokan Kickboxing under Sensei Benny Urquidez, 5th Degree Shihan title in Goju Ryu under Hanshi Tino Ceberano, 8th Degree Masters rank in Chun Kuk Do under Chuck Norris and a 5th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the Machado brothers.  He has also extensively trained with other Martial Arts legends such as Tadashi Yamashita, Fumio Demura, Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace and Pete ‘Sugarfoot’ Cunningham.

Soke Norton regularly conducts seminars all over the world, covering such topics as street defence, martial arts weapons drills, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. His 15 years experience as a Personal Body Guard for some of Rock and Roll’s greats finds Richard in particular demand for teaching the realities of real life street defence, focusing on aspects such as adrenal dump, stress control and preemptive strikes.

Since his return to Australia, after 30 years living in the USA, he has been closely aligned with BKJ Martial Arts by providing comprehensive training and consultation in Karate, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Reality Based Defence.  Most people know Richard Norton from his film work appearing in over 80 feature movies, including former bodyguard to James Taylor, Abba, Linda Ronstadt, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger.  Click pic to play movie reel.

Dr George Adams, Hanshi (Chief Instructor)

Tournament History

Hanshi George Adams has an 8th Degree Black Belt in Karate-Jitsu and a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu with over 45 years experience.  He is dedicated to his organisation and students, and will continue to do so for a very long time.

“I started martial arts training in 1974 and I have been training and teaching for over 45 years. I have helped many persons to use the discipline of the martial arts to conquer their fears and transfer that power to all areas of their lives. No other activity can better this! The martial arts have literally saved my life. Not just defending myself but the challenges of surviving two near fatal incidents; the mental and physical abilities achieved through my martial arts is why I am still alive and training today.”
– Dr George Adams



John Ellis, Renshi (Black Belt 6th Degree)

John, alongside his brother, Tim, has commenced training at the age of 15 years old. John regularly trains and teaches a minimum of 3 lessons a week.  He also is the holder of Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu.

John has competed in some of the toughest Karate tournaments in the country including NSW and National Kyokyushin Karate Knockdown Championships.

“I have been with Budoshinkai Karate since the day I started training and I have seen many progressive changes in the system including BJJ, MMA and Reality Street Self Defence. Many other school Instructors always look up to Hanshi George Adams.”
– John Ellis

Timothy Ellis, Renshi (Black Belt 6th Degree)

Timothy, alongside his brother, John, has commenced training at the age of 15 years old.  Timothy has never missed a martial arts lesson and currently trains and teaches a minimum of 10 lessons a week. Timothy has also competed in some of the toughest Karate tournaments in the country including NSW and National Kyokyushin Karate Knockdown Championships. He also is the holder of Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu.

” Like my brother, John, I have been with Budoshinkai Karate since the day I started training and I love the introduction of BJJ & MMA training within our classes. Hanshi George Adams is highly respected and is a great ambassador in the martial arts.”
– Timothy Ellis

Jonathan Adams, Sensei (Black Belt 3rd Degree)

Jonathan started the age of 6 years old and was awarded his junior Black Belt at the age of 11 years old. He has won numerous Karate tournaments in his early years and now continues to train in the martial arts and is dedicated to teaching the Little Dragons class at West Pennant Hills, as well as, senior classes. Jonathan is regarded as one of the most respected Instructors in Budoshinkai, who has a vibrant personality. Jonathan holds a Degree in Laws Honours Class 1, including the University’s medal, and a Degree in Criminology with Distinction, including the Dean’s medal, and is the former President of the Young Law Society.  He also holds a Master Degree in Law from Oxford University and works as a full time barrister but still loves his martial arts.

“I have attained many achievements in the martial arts. The discipline and the mental ability I have developed has given me the opportunity to take on challenges in the professional world. I remember what my Sensei (and father) had told me, ‘the mental skills from your martial arts training will help you take on the challenges in your profession.'”
– Jonathan Adams

Darren Grieve, Sensei (Black Belt 3rd Degree)

Darren lives, trains and teaches at Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay. He also has a number of police officers training with him particularly in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA. The Chief Instructor, Dr George Adams, visits his schools for seminars and gradings annually.  Darren also is the holder of Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu.

“I became involved with Martial Arts when I took my two young children along to the local school in Tin Can Bay and was encouraged by the Instructor to take part in classes. After 10 years of training I attained the rank of 3rd Dan and I am now an Instructor of that school. I also commenced a school at Rainbow Beach which is proving to be very popular in a small community. Being a police officer I have found that my training and development in Martial Arts in particular BJJ has given me new found confidence to handle the hazards associated with modern policing. I have to thank Hanshi George Adams and his Sydney instructors for the support and encouragement they have provided me along the way.”
– Darren Grieve