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Forget the Ice Bucket

Jiu Jitsu is not for everybody but the fact that most martial arts schools are including some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in their curriculum indicates a growing interest and a need to adapt to the changing environment because self defence is no longer just a stand-up game.  Newcomers quickly find out BJJ is more of […]

The Right Martial for the Right Reason

There has been a steady inclination of interest and promotion of the so called ‘killer’ martial arts that boast and promote devastating techniques.  Gouging eyes and striking vital parts of the head can be effective but how good will they be when you have to answer for your actions?  If these ‘devastating techniques’ are the […]

Making Sense of Jiu Jitsu

LONG TIME BETWEEN BLOGS – I KNOWWhat do think would be going in the mind of a beginner Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) student when they are told to get on their back or knees?  The question is, when I first ever tried BJJ, why would I want to do that?  It does not make much […]

Protect your Daughters!

It’s time to let everybody know the truth about females in the martial arts.  There are very important underlying reasons why our daughters need and must continue to train the martial arts in today’s society.  Society is becoming so complex and demanding which is causing a change in attitude and tolerance amongst people.  Unlike males, […]

‘Just Saying’

There’s an increasing interest in practical application in martial arts today because people want to see a purpose and value in what they are learning.  This shift in focus is the result of a large influence by Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Reality Based Training. The question is how do we know what we are learning […]

The ‘Ordinary Guy’

Martial artists are disciplined and structured fighters but, in a situation, emotions can inhibit their performance.  This is because emotions and fighting don’t mix very well.  We've heard it many times over ‘keeping a cool head’ is the best advice in a situation.  This is demonstrated by well trained police officers, doormen etc who keep […]

The Missing Link

Overall, martial arts schools are good at what they do and produce some pretty good athletes.  On face value, the martial arts predominantly are about self defence and very few martial artists will question if what they are learning is ever going to help them out on the street.  That question in today's climate seldom […]

Pay to be Uncomfortable

Who does that?  Answer: many.  Discomfort, I mean, removing our minds and bodies from their comfort zones so as to be able to handle the inevitable adversaries when they occur.  People are starting to realise this more and more and that is why they are spending so much money to removes themselves from the norms […]

Don’t be a ‘Wuss’

A little bit of pain, a little bit of stress and a little bit of disappointment in one’s life is not going to hurt anyone, especially kids.  In the martial arts it’s all part of the education process and that’s an important part of growing up if we want kids to become resilient to a […]