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Your introductory class is structured to help you experience what our martial arts programs are about. You’ll learn a variety of techniques and skills so that can see what to expect in a normal class. Your ‘Intro’ Instructor will lead you through basic techniques guaranteed to have lots of fun while you are learning. You will also discover how martial arts will help you with your co-ordination, flexibility, balance, reaction and how you would gain such benefits like higher self esteem, confidence, more focus and motivation in life. Classes are structured to suit your age and ability so that you are comfortable and challenged. Don’t worry, our instructors know what it’s like to be a beginner. They have been one themselves. What we teach you, you can learn to use immediately. You can ask as many questions as you like.

Free uniform (Sydney only)

This does not apply to BJJ Classes.
Expires: 30/9/13. Terms & Conditions apply.

The benefits will last a lifetime, this offer won’t!

Tried everything else now try something truly different that will give you life changing habits and great self defence skills.

West Pennant Hills students with Richard Norton