It is normal to make excuses & feel it is easier to quit. By understanding some of the excuses, will help you in your quest to be your best & not give up. Over 35 years I have heard so many excuses, ultimately they are just that….EXCUSES. Stop talking and start working. You want results? You want progress? You want to be a better person? Excuses will not get you there. Just do it!

Winners never quit, quitters never win!
“My Child is starting year 7, year 10, year 11, year 12, University”

These are not excuses but provide even more reason to maintain training on a regular basis. Although parents mean well;doctors, facts & studies all encourage & recommend a regular exercise program. As a father I also want the best for my children, my views are shared by many; we need to physically & mentally toughen our children for the competive world ahead, not weaken them”.


Exercise encourages blood flow increasing oxygen supply through the body and brain. Even common sense will tell you the MIND PERFORMS better when the body is in better shape. Regular exercise means you fall ill less often & recover much faster. Last but not least there is no other activity that IMPROVES FOCUS & DETERMINATION to high levels as martial arts does.

A mere 2 classes a week is not a drain on time or energy but part of a success formula designed to get the best results!

Martial Training = Better Results in school & in life.


“I am way too busy”
“I have to cancel my training agreement as I wont be able to get there”.

We have heard these lines so many times; they are just other excuses!

Consider this; you are driving along, even when you are so busy what will happen if you keep on driving and do not stop for fuel? Your body is no different, you have to stop for fuel, and its your body that helps you make money not your job. It’s not a case of what we want or can do but rather it’s something we need to do. Time does not control you; you have to control your time.

We recommend 2 x training sessions a week, doctors recommend exercise twice a week, studies prove exercise promotes sharper minds increasing study capacity, no other sport or activity promotes or trains FOCUS,DISCIPLINE & a ‘NO GIVE UP ATTITUDE’ like we do.


24 hrs per day = 168 weekly total
less sleep 8hrs= 56 weekly total
less school 5hrs per day=30 weekly total
less study 2 hours per day=14 weekly total
less travel time to & from school 1 hr per day=5 weekly total
family time 1 hr per week day = 5 weekly total
family time 1 hr per week weekend = 8 weekly total * I have over estimated all the above times,in particular the study times!
Still leaves 50 hours per week.

In order to function properly in everyday life and stay healthy everybody needs to have a regular workout schedule. Keeping your mind and body fit and sharp is not an option, but a must. If we keep lamenting & excusing ourselves for what we should have done, could have done, if only etc, years will fly by, nothing gets done & we miss the train destined for success & happiness.

There is no such thing as a bad life, ONLY BAD CHOICES.


For every excuse there is to avoid training we have the perfect solution. You workout most of the time when you can get to the school. When the job is’nt keeping you nailed to the desk, when the sky isn’t pouring rain or hailing when the lower back or the crick in your shoulder isn’t acting up. Sure you’d like to work out more, really get into shape, but there are plenty of reasons why you can’t. Plenty of explanations, rationalisations, complications, excuses. If you are anything like the average person you have an arsenal of them, and chances are deep in your heart you know most of them ARE BOGUS.

Sure there are legitimate outs, serious problems such as I have a work deadline or I have got a headache or flesh eating bacteria having paralysed the entire right side of my body. Ok, in some situations I will cut you some slack. But you probably got a few other excuses in your bag of tricks that sound rational they make skipping workouts seem like a sane and responsible thing to do.

A clever procrastinator can call on them time and time again. We have compiled a list of the most overused excuses and found ways to get around them. If you have the excuses, then we’ve got the solution.

Here is what to do for the next time you hear yourself say…

“It’s Just Too Cold to Exercise”. Warm-up before the chill. Joints are stiffer and muscles and tendons more susceptible to injury in cold weather. Before heading outdoors warm-up until your limbs feel glowing warm and you experience a slight feeling of breathlessness. Try this full body combination; jog on the spot for a minute followed by 30 seconds of push ups, repeat 8 to 10 times to warm up your upper and lower body.

“I’m Too Tired to Exercise”. Often being tired is a state of mind. If you do not workout when you are tired you enter a vicious circle of feeling tired all the time and not feeling like exercise. To combat this, exercise at a lower pace than normal, do this regularly and it will help you beat this feeling. Have you ever felt tired when you came to class and then participated and at the end felt great because you made the effort? It feels good doesn’t it?

One other reason for feeling tired is your fuel base. If you are not eating right or are irregular your body doesn’t have the energy to sustain a level of exercise. To keep energy levels high we should be training ourselves to eat every four hours. As a rule eat until you feel some what satisfied then stop.

People often feel that they are too tired after work to train. Getting your exercise over and done with in the morning before you get tired seems logical. But studies have shown that training is most effective in the afternoon. Students have experienced faster recovery times and took in more oxygen. This can help you exercise longer and with more intensity than an early morning workout.

“I Have a Sore Back, Shoulder/Knee/Ankle…” Go light is the main aim. No one is asking you to perform at your peak. Keep your training to areas of your body that are not affected. You do need to keep on this training cycle so you do not fall into the I’m too tired cycle.

“I Get Bored Easily.” Just another excuse,it’s the lowest and weakest excuse you can give me! Keep yourself focused, keep yourself interested. Set yourself something to learn at each class whether it is a kick, technique or mental stimulation. Set the attitude right and the body follows.


Training in the martial arts makes for a better lifestyle. Your interactions with people and well being will definitely show the benefits. Last but not least I would rather you train regularly at 80% than a sporadic 100%.

Ultimately it’s about commitment to yourself, you have taken the first step to join & show you are way above the ordinary, now live and become extraordinary!!