Where are you, Sir?

Glad to hear some people have missed me over the last 3 Saturdays (just for the record, I was there on the Wednesdays).  They didn't go to waste!  One Saturday was for the World Martial Arts Games and to  support representatives from our school, the other Saturday with Budoshinkai students in Canberra and the recent Saturday to conduct a 3rd Dan Black Belt Karate grading at another school.  I don't take time off for R & R if I know work has to be done. 

We are quite fortunate to have more than one Instructor at any one of our Sydney schools.  I remember the days when it was a 'one man show'.  Our students are never left in the lurch because there is always an Instructor(s) available.  Victor and I can always rely on John & Timothy Ellis and I should also mention the valuable help we get from Dr Chris and Jonathan Adams. 

Our other Black Belts, in particular, Herbert Tomaschett and Feras Suwan, are also reliable, dedicated and always willing to help out.  These are the people who form part of the family.  Other dedicated Instructors include, Darren Grieve and Dean Taylor in Qld, and in the ACT, Damien Philpott.  Everybody works hard to get students to where they want to be. 

In a nutshell, if an Instructor is not at the school it's not because they don't want to be.  Just thought I'd acknowledge the great work every Instructor and Black Belt do for the schools and students.