What a Workout!

There’s nothing better than the feeling after a good martial arts workout. Usually based on the feeling of improvement, if you have learnt anything, you did your best, you felt more confident and energetic etc. 

Last Sunday evening did the job for me – at Steve Perceval’s gym.  A grueling calisthenic workout to start off with and then an hour of wrestling.  It took me 30 minutes to dry before I could get changed.  This sort of training brings out the true spirit of martial arts out of everyone especially when they swap leather or lock horns on the ground.  Spare a thought for Richard Sargeant (a very fit and tough BJJ Brown Belt) who wrestled over 20 people for 30 minutes with no break!  Not to mention he did an 11 km run before he came to class.  He only got tapped out once!  I like his style as a martial artist and a person.

This hard workout makes you sense a feeling of camaraderie which is not found on forums where many of the weak minded, who call themselves martial artists, hide behind alias names.  Obviously, they don’t train enough, or don’t have many friends, to have this free time to do this kind of thing.  Seriously, folks, use your time wisely and focus on your martial arts training.  These iphones, x-boxes etc are not going to get you anywhere.

Looking forward to Shihan Richard Norton this weekend.  This should be another one of those great feelings!