What a Weekend!

Another glorious weekend with Richard Norton over the last 3 days in Sydney.  Our first stop was, Joe Ingrati's gym, (Friday morning), for a private, then off to my place for some good coffee and rest.  The evening was a Reality Based seminar at Robert Janceski's school; This is well over my 10th seminar of this type and I am still amazed how much more I have picked up.  It was great to see the really dedicated students, from my school, turn up including those who came from the ACT and Qld.  Saturday was a BJJ seminar (you can see the tired look on Wayne Miller with arms folded - happy with Plan Cpeople's faces after 3 hours). 

On Sunday it was off to Wayne Miller's school at Wilberforce which was a first time for Richard to do a kids' seminar.  He did a terrific job!  A DVD of Richard's film clips was to be screened on the overhead projector but Plan A failed, so did Plan B.  As it turned out Wayne had Plan C; we all went into the carpark, out in the freezing cold, and viewed the clips from the DVD player in Wayne's car.  Richard kept on about over the weekend how you need back up plans (in the martial arts) if the first one fails.  It appears Wayne was paying attention.

We had a lot fun and a lot of laughs.  Richard was hammering me all weekend, about my blogs, and wondered how did I ever have time to turn up to the seminars!  He's a funny man but he is undoubtedly the best ever martial artist on earth.  At least he will make a great stand up comedian if he ever decides to give up the martial arts.

Many thanks to all those who supported and attended, especially Robert Janceski and Wayne Miller who hosted Richard at their schools.  Some of us were in a little pain like Richard with his shoulder, me with my back, Robert with his knee and Damien also with his knee (awaiting for knee surgery but still came down to train).  No use whinnying about it!