What a Champion!

“ … and the winner is, by unanimous decision, and still retaining her NSW State title, Nadine CHAMPION.  That’s what happened last Sunday evening at the Castle Hill RSL with Sensei Benny standing in her corner.  Nadine is one of Sensei Benny’s Black Belts and she did her Instructor proud in a 5 round showdown.  I walked back  stage to congratulate the girl and I said to her, “you don’t know me but … “  She interrupted and said, “I do know you, Sir.”  I was a little stunned before I could go on.  I told her how fascinated I was with her performance.  I'm talking about kicks that knocked the other girl over and punches that rocked her head.  She didn’t realize how well she went.  I was truly astounded with the performance of all the girls in the ring; they can really fight.  They all seem to enjoy the same hairdo – pleated with plats.

It was great to see the legendary ‘Jet’ at the show with people looking for a chance ie photos, autographs, handshakes.  Can you imagine what was going on in people's minds?  Benny 'the Jet' here at the Castle Hill RSL! 

After the show, it was one more dinner with the legend, because Monday was his travel back to the US (to meet up with my mate, Shihan Richard Norton).  Master Fari and I took Sensei Benny to our usual restaurant because he loves Australian Barramundi.  It was truly great having him here but he assured me he will be back sooner than later.