Where would you be if you weren’t in the Martial Arts?

I have been giving some thought lately that one of the important jobs as Instructors is to train people to live a healthy and prosperous life.  Starting them off young makes it easier but we can also help the late starters who need their lives to change.  Nobody can deny the martial arts can build confidence and self esteem.  There are also the health aspects because everybody knows too well how Where will u beimportant it is to keep fit throughout your life, otherwise, your well-being will gradually decline and you will most likely lose incentive to do anything about it too far down the track.

People will often say, ‘I don’t have time’.  As an instructor I have to train people to make time.  To ensure the martial arts will be a life long pursuit of passion so they continue into their senior years where exercise will even be more important.

The martial arts is one of those activities which can become a way of life and even a life of passion compared to other activities which tend to be temporary such as some of the fun ball games.  Not detracting the fact you will get fit with these activities but how long for?   Because they are not a way of life or a life long commitment; however the martial arts are a different story.  It’s truly amazing just to hear some of the stories and comments from students, past and present, about the martial arts having a big positive influence in their lives whether it be life success or even saving a life.

Those who have been in the martial arts should ask themselves, ‘where would I be if I weren’t in the martial arts’?