Wear a White Belt for 6 Months

The thing about the martial arts, as it is taught nowadays, the classes have to be innovative and students need to be updated with new training methods and techniques.  The days of just training the same stuff over and over again is not always popular with most people but that's what it takes to strive for perfection – a lifetime achievement.  If you look around at those who are really good at something, it is because most of their time is devoted to that.  Take, for example, a person who trains shot-put; that’s all they do which takes a special kind of person who doesn't get bored and gives up, and understands that is what's needed to win or perfect.  It really is a balancing act between repetition of techniques and collection of techniques. 

However, in the modern world of martial arts training, people like to see what else they can try out to add to their repertoire.  They have their core business eg karate, kung fu etc but in order to further stimulate their minds, people like to take on other challenges to beat boredom rather than resign to Foxtel or Facebook. 

It takes a special kind of person to achieve a Black Belt; it’s all about technique, attitude, ability and understanding the purpose of achieving that belt.  I have heard of a particular school that when a student is preparing for Black Belt, they have to wear a white belt for 6 months prior to examination!  I think that says it all.