Water Under the Bridge

Decisions are best done with a bit of thought and discussion if the situation permits.  When emotional, a person might be feeling distressed and  thinking a little irrational at the time, which may result in negative fallout.  Making a decision or saying something, if not urgent, are best done sitting back and relaxing until you gather your thoughts together giving you a chance to think of any consequences down the track.  Thinking things over will allow you more options.  Making the wrong decision, as a consequence of haste, may be pretty hard for anyone to double back and pick up from where last left off, especially, where frienships and relationships are involved.  Remember the cliche, don't burn your bridges.  If you stuff up, better to owe up, rather than weave a web of lies.  It’s much more embarrassing getting caught rather than fronting up.

Martial artists need to be aware of this because they interact with many people.  Never judge people of what others say but just keep in mind what you have heard.  ‘Trust but verify’.  Always consider the 'pros and cons', 'advantages and disadvantages', and 'two sides to a story' etc. 

Every day is a good day if your head is above ground, and the rest seems so unimportant.  There is always a humourous side to things if they become nasty; nothing seems as bad as they appear to be, especially, if you allow a bit of time for the dust to settle. 

Best advice: Enjoy your life and time on earth and forget about the things that waste our time.