Watch my Back

 A quick look at my version of 'Watch my Back'.  Although martial arts is an individual sport/activity/discipline, the fact is you need people to help you through many of the difficulties and obstacles.  I can relate this to my recent back injury payalyzing me for almost 2 months and not being able to go to bed.  On the couple of times I fell asleep, I woke up in the middle of the night, screaming in pain, holding back my vocal chords so I would not wake up the family. 

I was facing a new difficulty and I also needed people to help through this.  They included my Black Belts and friends, in particular, our senior Instructor, Dr Chris Tsolakis who encouraged me each day.  Even the small talks with Richard Norton and John Will helped by sharing me their experiences with similar episodes.  It kind of gives you extra that encouragement because you're made to realise it's not going to last forever. Mind you, there are people worse off than me so I kind of looked at this as a minor set back.

This is not the first time I've experienced agony.  Each time it's my family and martial arts friends that pulled me through.  They say 'there's never is a doctor around when you need one', I didn't have any problems with Dr Chris!  Martial Arts Instructors have a sense of responsiblity and strong will to return to the 'arena' (we're like Gladiators).  I'm back training and teaching (what a great feeling to be amongst students again).  However, I still have more yards to do before I can do cart wheels again!  Nevertheless, it is a good sign when my GP has signed off recommending I be returned to full operational duties.

If you didn't like my story, you can have a look at Geoff Thompson's book.