WARNING – to Easily Bored Readers

An Instructor has to be many of these things to some extent or more.  They include mentor, teacher, coach, leader, manager, supervisor, first aider, public speaker, accountant, counselor,  office administrator, website administrator, philosopher, (bored readers, Alt F4 now), decision maker, problem solver, examiner, staff trainer, time manager, staff supervisor, motivator, networker, social worker, social organizer, consultant, observer, time manager, equipment vendor, equipment trader, programme organizer, assessor, businessman, communicator, promoter, secretary, interviewer, reporter, school news publisher, receptionist – and not necessarily in that order.

An Instructor is expected to be skillful, likeable, approachable, interesting, well mannered, believable, credible, creative, analytical, helpful,  compassionate, polite, eager, patient optimistic, ethical, efficient, enthusiastic, personable, presentable, computer literate, knowledgeable, caring, charismatic, energetic, intelligent, vibrant, reliable, dedicated, kind, considerate, understanding, dependable, responsible, resourceful, informative, innovative, healthy, updated,  fit (don't tell me there's more because nobody's going to hand out a free set of steak knives).

Now the word’s out, I may have just killed 10,000 people's dreams of taking up martial arts instruction.  It takes years to acquire many of these things which starts the moment you walk in front of a class.

I can’t tell you how nice it is when I sit in the class as a student.  It’s relatively easy work, just turn up and wait for instructions.