Time to Get Rid of Rubbish

I’m talking about junk, the stuff that has been accumulating in your house for years.  Have a good look around and see if any of that stuff is worthwhile keeping anymore.  Ask yourself these questions:

1.     Did you forget you had it?

2.     Has it got dust on it?

3.     Did you trip over it?

4.     Is it worthless?

5.     Would you buy it again?

6.     Do you regret you ever bought it?

7.     Does anybody want it?

The answers to these questions should be able to make us realise 90% of the stuff we buy is junk!  We can’t help ourselves because we have made shopping an activity or even a hobby.  We shop because it makes us feel good and we buy things because we think we need  them.  They end up in a pile reducing the little precious room we may have left in our house.  Of course there is ebay if you want to get rid of things and you may end up with a smile selling your rubbish not realising you sold it for a fraction of what you actually paid for it.  And when you don't sell, it’s much worse when your friends don't even want them just giving them away.

My point – get to those seminars where you get value for your money.  I still spend money but I don't waste them on junk.  I know it's not rubbish I am paying for.  When you throw rubbish out you won't even miss it.