Time to Act (children)

I know it’s a long time between blogs but, nevertheless, I have enjoyed the break.

Let me start off with the problems with some of the parents might be having with their children in the Allan Shai-Hee (still going strong)martial arts at any school.  It’s a known fact that children can get bored with just about anything and I wonder how much this would concern a parent of the amount of time and money they have spent on their child.  A child can get bored with school but there would not be any decent parent on earth who would allow that child to quit.  Why?  Because the parents know what’s best for them.  The martial arts is also good for them;  physically strengthening their bodies and minds, boosting self esteem and confidence, providing some security in their life that they may be able to protect themselves and others are just some of these benefits.  These are the same benefits for adults.  But sometimes parents forget these are the reasons they enrolled their in the martial arts in the first place.

Parents always talk about how young persons, in society, stand up to them so what chance do their kids have?  Maybe, it’s time the parents take a stance with their own children because this education is also an investment for the future.  We as parents are usually over protective so it does not make sense why any of us would ignore opportunity for our kids to develop important skills.  Sometimes children have to be treated as children because they cannot make decisions what’s best for them.  The kids I have taught long term have cedrtainly developed into great adults which is really pleasing for me.  Time to act.