Ticking away!

The main fascination of the martial arts is about the many things and techniques we come up with.  Realistically, we are not going to be able to use everything we learn nor would they be useful in most street situations but we like to indulge in our arts by training our minds and bodies to achieve the wonderful moves we might think not possible. 

When we see martial artists perform a fantastic kata or others putting on a good wrestling bout, it gives us reasons to continue what we do.  None of this is achievable without the hard work.  It is interesting to note that we try to attain these results in the best achievable manner and everybody has a different way of doing that which is what makes it all that interesting. 

Sometimes, we need to separate ourselves from the practical stuff and accept the many things we do in the martial arts are purely for personal pleasure.  Martial arts is a clock and moments are ticking away.  If you miss classes or opportunities it is not possible to recover those moments.  One student told me yesterday, 'I wish I had started training with you 10 years ago.'  I said, 'What about me?  I wish had started some of the things I am doing now at 37 and not 47.  At least it is better to start later than not at all.'  He liked that answer.  Unfortunately, there's re rewind button.

The quitters who return are usually those who will quit again.  They've done it once before and they will do it again.  Remember, 'a Black Belt is a White Belt who never gave up' and 'a Black Belt who gives up is still a White Belt.'

Time out!