There’s Always Time for Coffee

 Richard forcing me to drink instant coffee!I just dropped my mate and trainer, Richard Norton, off at the International Airport earlier this evening.  He's off to NZ for a few seminars and, going by the comments on Facebook, his hosts are a little apprehensive (on the humorous side) because Richard's reputation in the martial arts precedes him.  Then he will back in Sydney for another week to complete his mission at Fox Studios.  The evenings will be free.

On Monday we will go and meet the famous UFC fighter, Mario Sperry, at Rob Naumoski's gym for a MMA seminar.  Tuesday, at my school for Kickboxing and BJJ.  Wednesday, at Richard Awad's full time centre and Thursday at Jordan Micakovski's full time school.

Before flying out, there was enough time for a cup of coffee.  I expressed my opinion that, as an Instructor, I also just need that time alone to experiment with, my selected senior students, the new things I'm learning.  It is the time I get to analyse the techniques so I have a better appreciation of them.  I thought about this over a cup of coffee and I guess if it didn't sound good, I have no doubt, Richard would've told me otherwise.  I can really go on about this but one cup of coffee is not enough!