The Showdown with Richard Norton

<b>Rob Naumoski, Richard Norton, George Adams, Stever Perceval</b><br>MMA Seminar 2008

Shihan Richard Norton flew into Sydney for a few seminars. It was great having him over here once again; we have the opportunity to train with the best Martial Artist on earth so I take every opportunity to train with him! On Thursday evening I hosted an MMA seminar at Belmore. On Friday training on Reality Based Street Self Defence, with another Instructor. On Friday evening Fari Salievski hosted a Kickboxing seminar at his Liverpool school On Saturday I hosted a BJJ seminar at West Pennant Hills.

You're wondering about the showdown? Richard has become very wary of me with all the training I have been doing lately. I said, "You are dreaming if you think I can beat you and I am dreaming if I think I can beat you." He said, "There is only one way to settle the score." The results? The pics speak for themselves:

I don't know why people would even ask how did I do. I said the only thing I could get out of him was the name of his favourite drink. I will be ready for you, next time, Mr Norton! (just kidding)