The Qld Trip

 I had just returned from the Sunshine Coast after spending 3 glorious days (minus the sunshine) with our Qld students. My good friend and Qld Instructor, Darren Grieve, was waiting for me and the twins (John and Tim) at Maroochydore Airport last Friday morning. John and Tim headed off with Instructor, Dean Taylor, and his student, Lee. Darren and I made a pit stop at Noosa Heads for the last chance to get good coffee before heading off to Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. Darren, the local Police Sergeant, runs Budoshinkai Karate and a small BJJ class for his students, and police officers. Early afternoon, it was time to get on the mats and do some work! Conducting seminars gives me the opportunity of analysing and consolidating my knowledge; it’s like actually attending somebody else’s seminar. We were later treated to a BBQ at Lee’s house which was well deserved after a 3 hour workout. Darren handed me over a bowl of grapes and said, “Sorry, we don’t have oranges” (please refer to previous blog).

The next morning, I conducted a 2 hour Karate session and grading. Those who were game enough stayed back for an extra 2 hours training – Jiu Jitsu and some Reality Based Self Defence. I was absolutely exhausted. But it didn’t finish there; we had Darren in our apartment learning Richard Norton’s complexes. This man would not stop! Every time I said 'let's do something', he was already changed in his gi. The evening finished with dinner at Rainbow Beach. Dean and Lee kidnapped the twins and I did not see them until 1am! That's what happens when Victor's not there to keep the boys under control.

Back into BJJ, the following morning, and that was pretty much the end of a really enjoyable weekend. It was really nice to see and train with our people who really appreciated us coming up there. Many thanks to our Qld Instructors, Darren and Dean, and Lee for taking good care of us. I have to make a special mention re one of Darren's brown belts, Pat Green, putting up a brave face the whole weekend who was suffering a broken rib which he sustained 5 minutes into his BJJ training. The picture shows speed limits along the sands of Rainbow Beach. Those signs will certainly not slow down Darren (in the martial arts, of course).