The Mario Sperry seminar

Last Monday night, I went to the Mario Sperry MMA seminar held at Rob Naumoski's gym.  I did one of Mr Sperry's seminars back in 1997 and I was surprised he recognised me when we shook hands; he must have a great memory.  I actually trained with one of his Black Belts for 3 months shortly after that.  Richard Norton was invited as a special guest who partnered up with me for the night.

   The legendary Mario Spe rry is a protégée of Carlson Gracie.  He was handed his black belt at the 1995 BJJ World Championships, where he won the heavyweight black belt division, defeating many of the sport's greatest legends.  His has a long history of victories including World Championship titles in MMA.  Those who have been around long enough would remember the first ever 'No Rules Contest' at the Sydney Convention Centre in 1997.  There were  no rules, no gloves, no rounds and the winner was determined by a knockout or submission.  Mr Sperry won this event with a prize of $50,000 which was very good money at the time.

Mario Sperry was a real gentleman and very knowledgeable.  It was a pleasure to train with one of the 'greats' in martial arts and with Richard Norton in the room,  it was a double treat for us all who were at the seminar.  Plenty of photos taken which all can be viewed on my wall in Facebook.