The Legend Continues …

Another training session with Master Benny ‘the Jet’ Urquidez, followed by an invitation to dinner.  I felt quite good about myself.  Sensei Benny is an inspiration to all of us and makes you believe  in yourself.  I said to him, "you make me feel young again" and I got a big smile out of him.  I watched him very closely and listened hard because I knew he is not going to be around in Sydney much longer.  Interestingly enough, I always tell my students to learn and train as if I am going to leave Sydney so I get their full undivided attention.  We’re talking about 100% effort here.  I was ringing wet at the end of the session but how enjoyable was that!  I hope to get some of this across to our people but we're lucky enough to have Shihan Richard Norton, who has been a student of Sensei Benny, since 1984!

I had a quiet talk with Sensei Benny whilst driving him and Master Fari home.  He still practices and teaches traditional Karate, and he still practices and teaches kata (in fact, same kata as us). 

It’s amazing the higher and more experienced the person in the martial artist, the more humble and friendlier they are.  Tomorrow, taking Sensei Benny to the Airport for a seminar in Melbourne.  He will be back in Sydney for Sunday night where he will be sitting in the corner for one of his Black Belts at a Kickboxing promotion. 

I love Sensei Benny's philosophy.  People, in the '80's, would come into his gym and say how good they were.  Benny's reply, 'don't tell me, surprise me.'  When they'd say they would not fight because they'd be too dangerous!  Benny's reply, 'I'll take my chances.'