The Kung Fu Kid

In China the movie's called the Kung Fu Kid because the story is set in China and the martial arts are Kung Fu (there is a bit of cultural controversy over that). Moving on – twenty two of us in total (students and family) went and saw the new Karate Kid movie together this morning.  Nobody had any complaints; it was quite an enjoyable movie and it was also a great day being together with students and families for that short time.  The movie is basically a remake of the original but at least the Karate Kid's master was played by Jackie Chan who is a real martial artist.  The Karate Kid, played by Jaden Smith who, unlike the original KK who didn't really know martial arts, actually is a martial artist.  Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son) and Jackie Chan make it real action packed. 

It was very entertaining and whilst it is all Hollywood the philosophy and reasons for training in the martial arts are all on the screen.  I particularly love the master-student relationship; maybe my age is catching up with me! I really like Jackie Chan in this movie and I realised it was because he played the part of a serious character which he has never done before.  I don't believe any of the critiques have picked up on this. 

This movie is especially great for the very young ones who may have not seen the original but although the story is predictable there are little twists and surprises.  Most important of all, what I got out of it, is seeing what my students and their families got out of it.