The Countdown

 After all these years we are only 9 days from a full time centre which can now accommodate a number of martial arts and classes.  Our main drive was a professional cente for our students, and we have been searching for a premises, over the last 3 months, which would be suitable, affordable and close enough from the Belmore location.  We have done well considering only 800 metres away from the Belmore South Public School which has been operating there over the last 22 years. 

This centre is for all Budoshinkai students and the best compliment you can give to us is recommend our school to others.  Victor, John, Tim and I have been working extremely hard behind the scenes, and I should mention a special thanks to George Asimakopoulos, and his son, Peter (Senior Brown Belt), for coming down and giving us a hand today.

Many other martial arts instructors are astounded with the set up of the new place and wish they could also have two training areas.  This place is going to be good and there are many things to come out of this.  The countdown has already commenced; we move in Tuesday 8/2/11.  There will be a grand opening (date TBA) in which Kyoshi Richard Norton will be down here for, includng a stack of other Martial Arts Masters from all styles, so it is going to be a big one.