The Complexes Just Got Easier

I dropped in at work the other day and had a chat with my one of work colleagues about how it’s almost impossible to keep up to date with technology.  Nobody can escape it.  We once thought death and taxes were the only things you can’t escape but now you can add technology.  But there’s an upside to this; keeping up to date with what’s going on will allow you to make more informed decisions such as whether you buy the latest 3D television right now or the later version which is being developed where you don’t need to wear glasses.  In this case, a little voice in my head said, ‘wait’ because there's something better around the corner; now that's one good reason to keep up to date.

Surprisingly, technology in the martial arts is no different.   A couple of Sundays ago, I found myself staggering around, on my crutches, at the Fitness Expo and I was absolutely astounded with what’s out there today.  Where do I start?  Somebody must be out there doing research and sums to come up with new equipment.  I particularly liked this ‘do it yourself’ focus pad machine.  The Expo is about technology – all about the latest and greatest inventions and developments on display.

Technology also involves the martial arts industry – new skills and training methods (apart from equipment).  It was just the other day Shihan Norton had found a much easier way to learn and teach the Black Belt Complexes. Simply just tweaking a technique or coming up with something better deserves a standing ovation; this process involves everybody because inventions and ideas don't always come out from a laboratory.