Tell Somebody Who Cares

In the martial arts there is complexity and there is also simplicity.  Complexity for the people who want to take their training to a higher level purely for the indulgence of the art.  Simplicity is the bread and butter stuff. Complex techniques will not readily work unless drilled many times over and even then there is no guarantee of victory in a real situation.  The problem is people spend many hours trying to make the complex techniques work because the quick and easy ones don't require much training which lacks passion with the martial arts. 

We must also remember people like the martial arts for the challenge and self defence is only a little part of it.  Of course this is going to vary depending on the individual.  A person who is a security guard is more likely to want to do it for the I do like to teach some of these complex moves purely to see what is out there; I do stress that and say 'enjoy it for what it is'.  The last thing is an Instructor to be responsible for one of their students to hurt someone or themselves as a result of being told what to do by the Instructor.   As an Instructor I like to make sure students ENJOY themselves because this is the key motivating factor for improvement.   There’s nothing better than a student coming up to you at the end of the class to say how much they have enjoyed themselves and looking forward to the next one.  I don't think any student would go up to an Instructor and tell them how good their Instructor is.  I might even get it via SMS or Facebook.  I look at every student as an individual and try to analyse and see what motivates which is what I enjoy the most.