Take the Gloves off!

I've had one young person try out the points sparring competition within the school and they got so frustrated with that style of sparring, they took off their gloves and walked off.  I felt like saying, 'hey, what did you do when you bought your first lotto ticket and didn't win?  Did you go and burn down the newsagency you bought the ticket from?'  What people have to realise there is a lot to be gained from disappointments and errors of judgements.  Learning is usually done from making mistakes and defeat!  

Life is about accepting things and learning from as you go along.  It's called self development.  I've hear the term for people who give up so quickly the martial arts, K-mart specials, because 'here today, gone tomorrow'.  

The very challenge of martial arts training is a platform which can be extremely rewarding. after attaining the skills that help us prevail and prosper in our environment.  It's now 35 years and I still have my gloves on!