Stop Wasting Your Time

Time is something we haven't really got much of.  Every minute counts if you value your life.  If it was for sale you would most likely invest all you can, but that's not going to happen.  How horrible it is to see people wasting what time they already have.

I particularly see this in the martial arts where people lose focus in their training.  The little distractions seem to take over their life until they realise how much precious time they've wasted.  Once gone, you can't get it back. I look at a day to see what I can do and achieve.  This is not just about my training but the things that need to be done.  I also like to take some aside to have a cup of coffee with my son and daughter at one of those trendy coffee shops so I can have a good chat with them, away from computers and Foxtel.

Right now, I'm writing this blog.  I just got out of bed and I am getting ready to do a workout with the weights and kettlebells.  After that, I will get ready to go to work, starting at 3pm.  Basically, I have the day mapped out in my head and I will follow it through.  When it comes to my martial arts training, I have the whole week mapped out and I just make sure the little distractions, which may seem attractive at the time, do not get in the way.  I find people, who don't do the martial arts can be distractions but I overcome that by looking after No. 1.  By the way, this blog was written yesterday but I had technical difficulties so I had to wait till today to post it.  More time wasted!