Sorting Things Out

As an Instructor I am always trying to find solutions for problems that pop up, in practicing the martial arts, whether it be my own or students.  I thought I might give it a try when I told my senior BJJ students to do a private workout with me the other night.  I thought to myself this will give me the opportunity to practice the higher  level stuff and test my ability to be able to teach them.  In other words, I better know this stuff well if I am going to demonstrate them.  Everything went well and the session was extremely productive for both me and my senior grades.  We all had smiling faces at the end of the session.  It felt good! 

It was the process of doing this stuff which made me work on what I needed to do.  There was no threat or embarrassment if something did not work out right the first time.  You just drill, analyse and drill until it happens without putting a time limit as what usually might happen in a classroom.  Then we wrestled, taking it back a couple of notches, to maximise our skills and try something new without the fear of being 'hammered', The night turned out to be perfect. 

When I get stalemate I look for new methods to further advance.  This is not to replace anything I already do but it is another training method.  It’s great to be a student but I need to be an Instructor to become a great student.