Rock Around the Clock

What I particularly like teaching are drills and techniques which can be shown across all ages, the only difference being in the delivery for each group.  This is best illustrated by a drill which I use called the Clockface.  Basically, 12 o'clock is where you first face in the fighting stance.  You give the first count for the students to shuffle forward in that direction.  Point to their left for 9 o'clock and they shuffle to the left.   Then shuffle back to 6 o'clock and to the right for 3 o'clock completing a full loop, and then start again.  You can then complicate it by breaking up the rhythm by randomly selecting the directions.  It seems simple enough but there's more to it than meets the eye, especially to mature students.

To the really youngs, it’s a lot of fun and even a great education about time and clocks.  The little older ones might find that more game of challenge.  The seniors see that as a great way to better their footwork.  The Kickboxers see that as a necessary part of their training.  The MMA fighters depend on this as a strategy to defend takedowns by Grapplers.  The Fitness people – it’s fitness and coordination.

The drill is shown exactly the same way for all groups.  The young learn many skills and drills and continue to do so as they grow older, the only difference being they have different reasons for doing them.

How does one answer a child when they say, 'what about 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock’?