Right on Target!

Tonight's the night!  Right on target – 550 hours in BJJ.  About mid October I had logged 500 hours training and I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t it be great to log up another 50 hours before Xmas’.  I had to push it a bit but that was the challenge.  All I need is more experience to compliment the hours clocked up.

It wasn’t that easy spending those extra hours on the mat.  I had to put up with the likes of Richard  Sargeant and Dr Chris;  getting choked, armbared, figure 4’d and leg locked.  I could've sworn I saw the ‘white light' when Dr Chris crushed me with that kneeride yesterday.  But I have found a solution; the Taser Gun is just what I need.  Seriously, I have to be grateful to Richard and Chris including Steve Perceval and Rob Naumoski who spend countless hours with me.

I know Mr Norton is doing some serious training with Jean Jacques Machado because he wants to be ready for me when he’s back in Australia.  He said he is going to reincarnate me!  I’ll make sure my Taser is fully charged.