Richard Sargeant – new BJJ Black Belt

Just got the news that my very good friend and one of my BJJ coaches was awarded his Black Belt in BJJ, yesterday, by John Will at a seminar in Penrith.  Normally, I would be there, but at  the time, I was in the ACT.  Ten years in the making and I have to say Richard is a great martial artist and superb athlete not to mention he is one of the nicest guys around.  I wish I was there because I would've liked to have shared the moment of joy.  This would've also been a great moment for his Instructor, Steve Perceval.

Richard Sargeant has always taken a special interest in Instructors of other martial arts, like myself, by taking up new challenges such as BJJ.  His example is about perseverance, dedication and enthusiasm which is what I am always looking for from our own students.  An important thing to look for when a student deserves to get a Black Belt is passion and drive.  Richard is extremely passionate and has mega drive!

Congratulations, Richard, from me and Mr Norton.  Very well deserved promotion.  It's always a pleasure to roll with you. I hope the guys are organising a dinner night out.