Richard Norton in the ACT

 We’ve had an amazing time over the weekend with Richard Norton. I arrived there on Friday and met up with our Black Belts, Damien Philpott (ACT) and Darren Grieve (Qld). Darren and I spent some time at the Australian War Memorial (I recommend this to anyone). In the evening I conducted a grading and went through some very basic ground work. Darren did a bit of sparring with the students and also did some wrestling putting on some beautiful submissions especially on Tim Morrow (NSW Police Officer). It was like the State of Origin because Darren is Qld police. I then took on poor Tim Morrow who did very well to last a lot longer after his first submission.

Richard flew in Saturday morning and we got straight into it. The twins (John and Tim) and Peter Tziliaskopoulos also joined us from Sydney. The Black Belt Complexes were the first order of the day. Many agreed this was the best session ever. I do not know whether Richard is getting faster or he has just decided to unleash his true abilities (he is lightning fast).

The afternoon saw us for another 3 hours – Kickboxing and MMA. All I can say to other Martial Arts Instructors they better leave their comfort zones; there is a lot out there to learn! Richard is available to pass on 40 years of knowledge as a result of training with the best people in the world so what is there to think about? To quote Chuck Norris and John Will, ‘Richard Norton is the best all round martial artist in the world’. After the Saturday seminars our Black Belts and I went to Richard’s suite and we had some white wine and some light finger food, compliments of the Airport International Motel. We all then went and had dinner at some great Turkish Restaurant which Damien had arranged.

The next morning (Sunday), a bit of 1st class breakfast, compliments of this classy motel again, and we then went to do the BJJ seminar. Danny Weir (a student of John Will) also attended with his students and we ended up having a great time. I was stunned again with Richard’s ability and knowledge which is odd because I have spent so much time with him so I shouldn't be surprised. I’ve got to find out what Judy (Richard's wife) puts in his food!

Damien did a great job putting this together. I must also give credit to his future mother-in-law, Kylie who was always there helping out; she is a fantastic person!

Many thanks, again, Richard.