Richard Norton in Real Life Cop Drama

 This incident comes to mind when Richard told me about his new project. He will be starring in a martial arts movie with Hollywood’s, Lance Henriksen (see pic) scheduled to commence shooting in early 2009 . This is a story about 2 Australian Cops in tons of ‘kick ass’ action (can’t say anymore, I have been sworn to secrecy). In mid February of this year I was with Richard and his lovely wife, Judy, on our way to Steve Perceval’s gym at Penrith for a seminar. On the motorway we noticed a crazy male driver. Cops don’t worry about these things off duty unless serious. I said if only Richard and Judy were not in the car. This guy was really getting out of control so I deputised Richard and told him I needed to get close enought to get a car rego so I can at least report this guy. This guy was travelling at high speeds, overtaking people in the breakdown lane, using no indicators, chopping and changing lanes dangerously etc (where are the cops when you need them). I made sure my passengers didn’t get too uncomfortable during the ordeal but this was a once in a lifetime chance for Richard and Judy to see ‘police in action’. Now that's what you call a 'method actor'. We got a little late to the seminar with Steve waiting with his hands on hips.

Just to finish off this story I eventually caught up with our buddy who turned out to be not a bad person (it's always the way when they get caught). He admitted being stupid and dangerous blaming it on pressure to do long work hours. He was dealt with accordingly and he was lucky enough to keep his licence. Richard can add that scene to his movie (lol).