People would like to jump at the chance of earning a reward($).  Let's face it, if it's too hard then most people will probably not bother.  Not so, for many martial artists.  They have to work to get rewards which usually have nothing to do with money.  A reward  could be as simple as a pat on the back from an Instructor.

There are many reasons why we train the martial arts eg self defence, fitness, body coordination, fitness etc, etc.  but for those of us who continue on and make it a part of our lives want to see if we can dedicate ourslves and see how good we can get at something.  This must really be a good incentive for anybody who hasn't made up their mind yet whether they should continue or not.  Maybe, an even better incentive for the parents who feel martial arts just may not be for 'little Johnny', or little Johnny needs to kick the ball around instead!  This is one of those times parents can make a bad decision.

People need challenges and they also need to be recognised for their achievements.  Not everybody might be successful at their job, study, etc however, they may find success through their martial arts which may assist them achieve their other goals. 

People who miss out opportunities and lack challenges in their lives, usually have a low esteem and will often fabricate details about themselves to get attention.  The challenges of martial arts are extremely rewarding and everybody should be happy with what they can achieve, and what they have already achieved.  There will be times when one feels they are going nowhere.  They have to ask whether they’ve done enough or whether they're asking too much of themselves.  As a Teacher I see individuals always improving and sometimes, more often than not, I really get a surprise.  That's a reward in itself!  Keep training; what have you got to lose?  Maybe, some weight!