Quick Word – John Will seminar

Great seminar this past weekend with my pal John Will (I call him the QC of BJJ) and I am truly amazed with the response we are getting from people turning up to these seminars lately.  Not forget to mention a special thanks to our ACT Instructor, Damien, who has a following and brought a whole bunch of Ground Fitghters with him. The seminar was absolutely sensational as always. John is absolutely entertaining whilst getting his points across.  He is quite theatrical.

Unfortunately, I could only spectate this time round, and video with my new toy which astounded John who had to have one then and there.  Concerning my injury  I do not have too long to go before I can start sweating again.  I have been given the green by Dr Chris but I am still exercising caution.  I am looking forward to my very good buddy Richard Norton who is coming down on the weekend of 25/26 July, 2009.  We are very fortunate to have access to the best BJJ Instructors in the world. 

It was a really great weekend for all and I, in particular, enjoyed John's company over the time we spent.  There was a lot to talk about.