Protect your Daughters!

It’s time to let everybody know the truth about females in the martial arts.  There are very important underlying reasons why our daughters need and must continue to train the martial arts in today’s society.  Society is becoming so complex and demanding which is causing a change in attitude and tolerance amongst people. 

Unlike males, females are more likely to get attacked by someone they know or are associated with.  Males who attack females are usually cowards and will not attack a male if there is a chance of getting hurt.  Domestics, where partners turn to violence, are very common which can result in very serious situations.  

Any martial art can help a female in time of trouble with the correct training. In the type of situation a female might find herself in, kicking and punching may not always be the best solution because she is more likely to deal with bullies (usually male) just like kids come across at school.  Jiu  Jitsu deals with bullies whether at school or at work which is extremely useful for females in a bad relationship etc.  It is about having to deal with people who are physically stronger and people in close range situations where the kicking and punching might become difficult. That is why our Karate training involves a lot of Jiu Jitsu picking up the shortfall.

Jiu Jitsu training gives confidence to females because they learn to be able to face and handle stronger persons whilst still getting their fitness workout.  I have come across many experienced young Jiu Jitsu girls and guys who I believe can easily handle an adult.  Just look at the expression of the girl in the pic.  Although funny, the facial expression is a true representation of some of these Jiu Jitsu girls when they want to get serious.

Remember ‘daddy’ will not always be around to protect their kids (including daughters).  There is not one parent, I know, who is not concerned their kids being able to protect themselves, however, their are parents who will give up when a child wants to QUIT!  All it takes is one incident to hurt that young lady for the rest of her life or even sustain serious psychological or physical injury.  A child cannot see the consequences whereas a parent can.  Many kids may not know it now but they will be thankful in time of need, especially, when all grown up.  What a beautiful gift to a child!