As adults, why do we play scrabble, monopoly or video games?  Apart from the entertainment value and the social aspect of getting together, we do it because we want to see how good can we get when we are up for challenge and even compare ourselves to others.  If we seriously want to get better, we observe others who are good at them.  In a martial arts school the student develops largely with the instructor's guidance.  However, the more keen and forward thniking students always look at the persons who are good at something they might want to learn.  It is just a matter of asking that person which is a compliment to those who have something to offer.

The martial arts school is like a challenging playground of obstacles to develop skill.   I like the idea of students getting in early and working on something.  Socialising before class just drains energy and enthusiasm.  We can learn something from kids who waste no time when they drop in at McDonalds and go straight to the playground.  They see it as a challenge, game and fun. The dojo should be no different.

Don't waste precious time when you're at the school.