Play the Stock Market

This blog is particularly meaningful for the BJJ martial artist but hopefully interesting reading for everybody which can relate to Kickboxers as well.  ‘Death type matches’ in BJJ are no different to mates wrestling in a school yard where nobody learns anything except for demonstrating who has the highest testosterone level. In many BJJ schools (including my own), people will do almost anything to avoid tapping out regardless if their arm is ready to snap in half.

Use this analogy; if somebody is holding a hot rod right up against your face and you know it’s only a matter of time before it makes contact with your skin, why would you not concede defeat and tap out early?   So why do many people turn blue in the face before tapping out?  Blame it on the ego, I guess. Being submitted does not mean being defeated. The idea of ‘rolling’ (wrestling) is to ‘give and take’ (famous words from Sensei Benny), which otherwise, potentially somebody is going to get hurt, or at least hurt their ego.  The best deal is to slow it down a bit and save the extreme aggressiveness for the arena if you want to see what you are made of.

Think of the Stock Market.  Experienced people do not go in ad hoc.  Smart stock market investors carefully analyse situations to get the best possible results.  Students need to do exactly the same if they want the best results.  The point is you are investing time, money and effort so why not train BJJ wisely.