You may have seen enough of these signs displaying, ‘old but new’ (usually found at furniture stores) which may appeal to many people because ‘old’ is back in fashion.  We now have new cars, with modern technology, looking like the  old -Volkswagon or Mini.  When it comes to martial arts, I particularly like the ‘old’ techniques (or should I say the basics) because of the little discoveries on each visit, and then suddenly, the old stuff now seems like new!  When I throw out a basic punch there could be a ‘thousand’ things going in my mind.  To a junior student they may only see 2 to 3 steps to finish the move.  I might see 10 steps. 

Watch the same movie a few times and you will pick up on things you didn’t notice before; that’s because you start paying attention to detail once you get the big picture (pardon the pun).  You go through the same process in martial arts when you keep revisiting a technique.  Basically, it’s fine tuning ‘old’ stuff. 

Techniques are always evolving particularly in the non traditional martial arts and there you might find some of the ‘old’ techniques being brought back to life. 

Old Ideas, but new way of thinking.