Nothing Even Comes Close

Don’t look any further than your local martial arts school.  The biggest thing with losing weight is finding the right activity which will do the job but equally important is maintaining that activity.  Gyms are great if you are self motivated but most people can’t sustain that, unlike martial arts,  where there are incentives to reach targets and achieve grades.  If gym clients miss a couple of sessions or break their routine, they may find it hard to return.  This is how many of the big gyms make their money.  Realistically, they would not be able to facilitate the huge number of members.  They work on a percentage basis on the number of people who will not return which allows room for new clients.  I am not suggesting gyms close down because there definitely is a need for them but I like to point out the situation with most of their members.

The alternative fitness and weight loss activity is martial arts.  Martial arts schools are usually quite different in that they want lifelong members.  In fact, their members are referred to as students not clients.  When you walk in a martial arts school your Instructor greets you by your name, in a gym you usually have to present your ID card before they know who you are. 

Martial arts are the best way to sustain regular training because of the long term goals.  You get a whole lot more out of martial arts than from just getting fit in a gym.  Gyms and sports can get you fit but there is no comparison especially when it comes to sparring and wrestling; nothing even comes close to that feeling!   We all look and feel good in our ‘20’s.  It is from here on what we do about it to prolong that.  Those starting late can still reverse the clock. 

I wonder what the average life expectancy membership is in a gym compared to a martial arts school.