Never Give Up!

If anybody in the martial arts was to tell you ‘give it up’, you should be asking yourself whether you have lost confidence or is it because they’ve lost their confidence in you?  Students should know a good martial arts instructor will generally not give up on any of their students; in fact, they get more satisfaction working with students who need that extra little help or motivation.

When a young martial arts student may be thinking of throwing the towel in, parents would be doing more harm than good by readily supporting this negative attitude because the only message here is 'it is ok to quit'.   Young people, today, may easily get distracted and are more likely to drop things at a moment's notice only because it is an easy option.  What parent would support their child if that child was thinking of quitting school? 

It is our job, as a parent, to encourage young persons to never quit something they start.  Quitting the martial arts means they are quitting on building confidence, quitting on strengthening their minds and bodies, quitting building character ie they are giving up on themselves.

Martial arts training is about achieving goals and to understand life is about persistence no matter how hard things may seem to be.  MARTIAL ARTS today is now part of growing up.  Giving up is a poor excuse, not a valid reason.