Mumbo Jumbo

Which is easier to remember?  A list of words written in random order, 'morning, just, to, it, find, car, off, the, John, drove , to, was, day, is, in, car, easier, find, work, got, his' or the same words in a sentence, 'John got up in the morning and drove his car to work just to find out it was his day off'?  It's obvious the sentence is going to be much easier.  So why is that easier?  Without meaning, to recall the words listed randomly, one would need to have a photographic memory. 

Particularly in BJJ where the moves are so many and varied, it's makes much sense when you put them into some array so people can better understand and recall them.  This is because the links, between techniques, make it easy to remember which is particularly important in BJJ because of the huge number of techniques.  Remember the blog about the 'flow'? 

As a martial artist and Instructor, I can see the value in this for both students and myself.   The world is becoming much more complex with more things to remember so we need a system which can simplify situations.  It looks like the martial arts are doing that already.