More Time on my Hands

One leg, in plaster of paris, definitely has some advantages if you want to look at the bright side, if there is one.  To begin with, my work colleagues tell me how lucky I am to be off work.  I have more time for my website, more time to try and figure out the MAC’s software and I even get to speak to internationals when makng calls for technical support; emore time to blog!  Unfortunately, I had to do away with the weights because; carrying myself around on crutches, is hard work already. 

 I can now sit down and watch BJJ & Kickboxing DVDs.  I must confess to dragging myself across the mats and going over some BJJ drills.  Of course, without the full use of my feet, I have to focus on particular techniques which I now have become very good at.   It is always a good idea for Instructors to set time aside for focusing on particular techniques to lift the student’s skill level.  It’s about paying attention to detail; that’s what separates us from the mediocre.

On another subject, my injury is next to nothing compared to what other people are going through, right now.  At least, I am not in pain, except for the feeling of inconvenience and frustration.  Blogging, at least, makes me feel in touch with students and friends.