More than just a Party

Another year is almost over and we had just celebrated the 2011 BKJ Martial Arts Xmas and Presentation last Friday night.  What was different about this one was not all students were from Budoshinkai Karate; we also had our kickboxers, students from BJJ, and persons from the fitness classes (all under the BKJ Martial Arts banner) – all in all, 130 people in attendance.

Special guests included Professor Rob Naumoski (Roots BJJ), Shihan Rob Janceski of Ryu Bujitsu Kai, Sensei Mark Szalajko (of Narellan BKJ and Bujutsu Martial Arts) and Sensei Roland Winter (and his black belts) of Zen Do Kai Karate. 

It was a beautiful evening with everybody together at a great venue for a 3 course meal.  There were no complaints, only compliments (too many emails and sms’s to reply to), so thanks to everybody if I missed out anyone.  The speeches summed up what we were all about and saw selected students being presented with one of the extraordinary awards, however, those who did not receive one of these were given a special award instead because they, too deserved, recognition on the evening.  There’s nothing better than a student walking up in front of guests, friends, instructors and families and accepting an award in this environment; it's also about the experience.  The atmosphere was spellbinding.

Our entertainment was full of surprises with my son, Jonathan, taking the stage with his sister, Marcia, and keeping everyone attentive and amused (I just don’t know how they just come up with these things).

At one stage when we had a large number of students standing up front (see pic), I took a few steps back to have a look and told the crowd I just wanted to see what it looked like with so many students standing together.  My final comment, on the night, was telling students to train till the very end of the year because that’s what we martial artists do.